My life as an extrovert during a pandemic

Being an extrovert during the pandemic is definitely not fun, because you miss the human touch. Not being able to see your friends, your coworkers, and all of those after-work happy hours, you don’t get to do as much or at all. For me, Networking with new people is one of my favorite hobbies, the opportunity to meet people, network, connect, or share ideas seems less likely because of the pandemic. 

Here’s my guide to surviving/coping with the pandemic as an extrovert. Here’s what I’m personally doing to make sure I don’t go crazy because of the seemingly diminished social aspect of my life. 

Create a routine. 

You know working from home, it’s easy to wake up at 8:50 am and get on a 9 am work call because my office is just right down the hallway from my bedroom. It’s very easy, the problem is, I got lazier. Before the pandemic, I was going to the gym every morning at 5 am to work out, it became a routine. So now during the pandemic, the gyms were closed at one point, and  I was unable to continue that routine. As a result, my new routine at the early stage of the pandemic was waking up and starting my day in front of a computer. Eventually, I got tired of that routine real quick and I had to create a new one. 

So here’s my new morning routine:

I wake up in the morning, obviously brush my teeth, say my morning prayers, and I go back to my room to play FIFA for like 45 minutes or so. After kicking some butt online in FIFA, I get on my bike and ride for about 5 miles around my neighborhood. I wanted to make sure I get that exercise in. Previously, I was doing 100 push-ups a day challenge right after the lockdown, I missed a couple of days, then a couple of days turned into a couple of weeks. I stopped the challenge and decided to buy a bicycle instead, and ride every morning. 

After the bike ride, I go to Starbucks, get my morning coffee (cafe mocha), and a butter croissant. After Starbucks, it’s shower time, then work. Usually, my first meeting of the day starts at 9 am. 

Take breaks during the day

When working from home, people usually forget to take breaks, or even eat lunch at the right time. I try to schedule breaks in between my meetings, I usually walk away from my desk for like 5 mins or so, maybe go to the kitchen and grab a drink or something, to help my mind refocus for my next meeting. 

Disconnect from work, Completely!

After all of my meetings are completed and my workday is done, I make sure to turn off my computer, and don’t touch it till the next morning. If it’s a Friday, I don’t touch it till Monday morning, unless there’s an emergency at work, then my cell phone is available for people to reach me.  After work, I usually cook dinner,  get some stuff done around the house, or watch the Office on Netflix for the 10th thousand times.  Now that things are starting to open up locally, I do go to a restaurant, with a mask on obviously, to order to-go or sit outside at a bar while social distancing from others. 

Stay in contact with friends and family

The second thing you want to do is keep in contact with your friends, I know everything is virtual right now. I’m personally tired of zoom happy hours, it’s not fun, it’s boring! Please do not invite me to anymore zoom happy hours. Haha, Jk! Whatever it takes though, find a time to check on your loved ones, a small get together in the house, or a social distance game night in the backyard or do a regular old school phone call as well. 

Find a new hobby

Find something you like to do, or would like to do,  spend time researching, and start doing it. One of my favorite hobbies is solving problems or making life easier for others. During this lockdown period, I created to make it easier for people to find local black-owned businesses in Indianapolis. So again that’s my hobby, find something you like and enjoy, and go for it. Your new hobby could be writing a blog, or maybe it’s cooking, whatever it is, find it and go for it. We don’t know when things will go back to “normal”, but in the meantime, find a way to kill some time and keep your energy up.  

Go on a road trip / Get out of town

Sometimes a change of environment is needed, so maybe get an Airbnb, in a neighboring city, and go there for a couple of days. Just make sure you get a place with Wifi, so you can still work if needed. Go work by a beach house, or by a cabin, whatever you are into. I’ll recommend going with a few friends or close people that you know, or maybe just your significant other. Don’t forget your Lysol and hand sanitizer, make sure to spray and disinfect the Airbnb before settling in. 

Listen to a podcast

Next tip, find a topic or a cause that you care about, find a podcast about it, and start listening. I’m not going to recommend any podcast at the moment, so I urge you to take some time to do some research. Don’t forget about your Netflix shows, or Youtube videos, whatever it takes to find some kind of entertainment to kill some time, I’m here for it. 

Drive around the city for no reason

My last tip, don’t be afraid to just go for a drive around the city. Drive with the windows down for fresh air, and you can even listen to your podcasts in your car while driving. One of the ways I learn new things about my city is driving around and exploring, the best part, is I don’t have to get out of my car to do this. 

Thanks for reading some of my tips, this is what I’m currently doing to not go insane as an extrovert. What are you doing? Share some of your tips with me as well. 

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