My experience at a Protest for justice


After the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota, several people across the nation world took it to the street to protest Police Brutality, Equality, Systematic Racism, against Black people. I joined in the action in Indianapolis, along with some friends. Here are some photos I took from the protest.

One thing that stood out to me was how diverse the crowd was at the protest. Before going out, I assumed only Black people will be out there protesting, but this was wrong, every race, including White, Asians, Hispanic, EVERYONE! It’s amazing to see people from different backgrounds come together to fight for justice.

This fight is not a Black fight only, this is a fight for humanity. Regardless of your color, no one should be treated unequal, we are all humans, we should love each other, treat each other with respect. Thanks to our allies, but more than ever we need more people to step up to injustice, step up to racism, be antiracist.

Don’t be silent when you see another human being treated unfairly, we all know what’s right. Do what’s right! Stand up for your neighbors, your coworkers, heck to a stranger.

Being a mom to a Black son can be exhausting. Why should a mom have to tell her son how to act around police at the age of 6? Let a kid be a kid. We should not be afraid of Police, I thought they were supposed to Protect and Serve?


Overall the protest was very peaceful, and I hope this continues until we see a significant change in our society. Even in the midst of a pandemic, several people were willing to put their health at risk so they can be heard. THANKS, everyone that came out to demand justice.

Black people are not animals, we just want to be treated like humans. Black people are dope, we are smart, intelligent, and beautiful. Have you been to a Black BBQ before? if not you are missing out 🙂 



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