Politically Speaking Series: Why We Vote - A Conversation with Black Millennials

Generational differences go beyond views on presidential candidates and extend to political parties and the election process overall. Studies show 47% of Black Americans under the age of 30 believe the Democratic Party is welcoming toward the Black community, while 77% of Black Americans over 60 share this view. Conversely, 27% of Black Americans under 30 feel the Republican party is welcoming compared to 7% of Black Americans over 60.

The town hall is 6 p.m. Wednesday, October 28 at facebook.com/IndyRecorder live and sponsored by InnoPower Indy, Indy Black Millennials, and the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper.


Your Voice, Your Vote with Indy Black Millennials

The 2020 U.S. presidential election will be the first time all members of the millennial generation will be able to vote. Not only a pivotal time for millennials but all of the U.S. as some critics have classified it as - one of the most important elections of our lifetime.

In true Indy Black Millennials fashion, it’s our job to bring people together to further professional and personal goals. We’re partnering with the League of Women Voters of Indianapolis and NABA to bring a group of panelists for a Q&A around voting.
It’s Your Voice, Your Vote. Join us as we uncover resources available to help you be an informed and registered voter.


Uncovering Misconceptions: Therapy in the Black Community

Mental health is an essential part of overall physical health and satisfaction. The Black community suffers from an increased rate of mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression.
Yet therapy in the Black Community for years has been a topic of great debate. We by the numbers show an overwhelming increased need for therapy yet, we're still struggling to seek the help that we need.

Small Business Chat with ISBDC

According to a report on CBS News, 40% of black-owned businesses not expected to survive coronavirus. Want to learn how to grow your business, and survive this pandemic? Join us for a chat with the Indiana Small Business Development Center.

Financial Health Check In

Join us for another virtual call to do a check-in on your finance. How's your finance doing through this pandemic?

Health and Wellness Chat with Indy Black Millennials

During this pandemic we know it can be very easy to let our health and wellness fall astray. We may find ourselves lacking the energy and enthusiasm we once had just a few short weeks ago and turning more to unhealthy habits to fill these unfamiliar voids.

Mental Health Check In with Indy Black Millennials

As we are all experiencing these challenging times we want you to know that we are in it together! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Dealing with the unknown of this virus, coping with job loss, social distancing, and isolation can take an emotional toll on us all and it is important that these feelings be addressed and not suppressed.
Because of this we will be hosting another virtual chat to discuss how we are feeling and the healthy ways in which we can address these emotions.


We at Indy Black Millennials felt it not only necessary but imperative that we do our part to address the concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it continues to evolve and change daily. We all share a deep concern and are taking every precaution to make sure we are keeping ourselves and those around us healthy but questions still remain. Because of this, we will be hosting a virtual chat with Dr. Itoro Okpokho, a family medicine specialist, to discuss this pandemic.


In Partnership with Educate ME, MelantED Leaders and MURDOCK LLC, join us for an evening with cocktails to close out Black History Month with a gathering to celebrate #BlackExcellence, network, and connect with other Black professionals around the city.