Indy Black Millennials is happy to launch a new initiative to bridge the gap between Africans and Black Americans. Our goal is for both sides to be able to share their unique perspectives, learn from each other, discuss differences, and how we can come together to be united. This will be done through several programming. Please stay tuned!

The Idea:

We believed one of the ways to unite/connect these sets of groups is through a curated discussion to try and understand both sides. We’ll have the opportunity to learn about each culture, struggles, food, music, and any stereotypes that may exist. Because at the end of the day, WE ARE ONE!

The Setup:

  • The discussion will take place at a local business, mostly after hours. The session will be recorded and shared on our website, quarterly.
  • Each discussion will consist of 3 Africans and 3 Black Americans.

The Goal:

  • Through this connection, we hope to travel together to several countries in Africa, for vacation, and volunteer opportunities.

Previous Episodes

Check out some of our recorded episodes. New post ever other month!

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